Some SEO gurus give a very strong opinion regarding the use of AdSense for increasing the rank of a website. I consider it a very baseless idea. Matt Cutts once said that google doesn’t rank the website which has an AdSense account over the website which doesn’t have a Google AdSense account.

We need to understand what Google wants. As a search engine, it has a very specific and clear goal. Google wants as many users as possible who will search through them. People will search as more authentic content as they find in Google. Google ranks their websites following this principle.

Now, come to the point of AdSense. Some websites have genuine content but they do not use AdSense. Some useless websites may have AdSense. But that doesn’t mean that the websites deserve ranking better than the websites with genuine content. Again if people don’t find what they are looking for they will not use google anymore. They will not find the information they need for their AdSense service. They will abstain from using Google for this. It conflicts with the interest of Google. Ultimately Google will stop ranking the websites.

I did not use AdSense at all, and my ranking didn’t drop as well. Instead, it ranked way better. So there is no positive relationship between AdSense and Ranking.