[ Getting Clicks But No Conversion. Increase Clicks to Conversion Ratio. High Traffic, Low Conversion. ]

People often think that 10% of people will buy their products online. I assume that you want to sell your product from your website, and your website is not an e-commerce website. E-commerce sales are driven by Multiple factors but unlike e-commerce, your website will have to face different challenges, and you need to tackle these in different mechanisms.

You need to understand the factors that contribute to the sales of your product online. There are many factors: keywords, need, trust, urgency, involvement, and so on. These factors are briefly discussed below:

Reasons for low conversion rate:

  1. Targeting Keywords That Gives Only Information but No Sales
  2. No Need
  3. No Trust
  4. No Urgency
  5. High Involvement
  6. Not Building Community

Explaining What Increases Clicks to Conversion Ratio:


You need to understand which keyword brings what kind of traffic. Some people are looking for information. Some people are looking for the products they need. If they find some, eventually they will buy them. You need to set the keywords for the buyers. There are three types of keywords.

  1. a) Sales Driven Keywords
  2. b) Informational Keywords
  3. c) Company Keywords.

Let’s try to understand these three keywords one by one –

  1. Sales driven keywords: They are very hard to rank, and the sellers use Search Engine Marketing to drive traffic. People use those keywords to find products to purchase.
  2. Informational Keywords: Whoever searches using this keyword will not definitely buy. But you will get most of the traffic from these keywords. For example, ‘Best Examples in 2020’. Whoever will search using this keyword wants to know about examples. They won’t buy right now. They will go and look at different websites. So there is a greater chance that they will not buy from your website. This is why most of your visitors don’t buy from you. What you need to do is to build a strong community. That is why you need quality information. Without it, the community doesn’t exist. So you need blogs to help your community. Once they are connected with you, you can eventually start selling.
  3. Company Keywords: This is the name of the company. There is nothing much to do with it.


Write about the problem. Explain it well. Make them understand that it is really a big problem. Now give them the solution. Remember, No pain No sales. Let them feel the pain and they may buy from you. Make them hungry for your solution.


The customers don’t easily trust what others claim online. Even when other customers are giving positive reviews, they are still suspicious. So it is your job to discover the main reason why they don’t buy your solutions. If you want to make some sales, you need to make your customers confident that only your solutions can work for them.


If they have no urgency, there will be no sales. If there is no urgency, there will be no priority for your products. They will never buy it. They forget it. You need to make them feel like they need it now, or they will lose something.


Customer involvement refers to how much research the customer needs to do before the purchase. Try to keep the involvement as low as possible. Higher involvement may hamper in your sale.

How to Solve It: High Traffic, Low Conversion?

How to Find The Right Keywords that Drives Sales?

Go to keyword planner from Google. Search appropriate keywords. The high bidding price keywords are the keywords that drives sales. You will find many keywords that have high traffic volume but low bidding price. Who are searching using these keywords don’t buy often.

How to Create Demand?

First, understand your customer and their buying behavior. Then research what they really need. And then bring customers from the right channel. To find profitable visitors from Google, use the right keywords. Create a scenario that will make their problem visible in their eyes. Express it better than the customer could. It is a great way to build awareness and gain attraction. Once they understand the needs, make them desired for your solution. Whatever you say, say it to prove that your product is the best solution for them.

How to Reduce Involvement and What is Customer Involvement?

Reduce the level of involvement. The easier you make the solution for them, the lower the involvement will be. High involvement kills sales. Your competitors will benefit from your hard work. You raised awareness. You created needs. But if you can’t reduce the involvement, the potential customers will study more and may buy from another website.

When People Will Not Go to Other Website and Buy from Your Own Website?

Your impression also plays a role in involvement. If your customers know that you always provide complete information and your information is enough, they will study less and buy more from your website. This impression is built on long-term relationships.

How to Create Urgency?

Now create urgency. It can be an offer of a discount or anything. Tell them why they need it now. If you can make them think that they will lose something if they don’t buy it right now, you can create urgency. Urgency brings sales and delay kills sales.

So, these are the factors that increase the level of sales from your website, even if it’s not an e-commerce site.