Simply speaking, every website conveys messages by using text, images, videos, etc. Except in any rare case, if nothing else is there, at least text is there. So it’s not surprising to think that the appropriateness of language, more specifically accuracy and word choice, can perhaps create some issues in the ranking. Well, in this article, we are going to explore this issue.

My experience says – grammar and vocabulary contribute very little to ranking. I didn’t see any noticeable improvement due to using more idioms, better phrases, and complex sentences. But yes, if you make so many mistakes in word selection and spelling that will make it difficult to read the article and make the article misleading. Consequently, you may fall behind in position.

I saw many websites ranked in the 1st position with high volume search and very high competition with simple sentences and bad wording. This is what made me think that sentence structure doesn’t matter that much. If your article is written in simple structure and you use common words, reader-experience will be better and you will get a much better position. So the ranking doesn’t depend on the grammar and vocabulary, it depends on the competition, navigation, and many other things. Misspelling may hurt you but good spelling doesn’t ensure higher ranking.

Now, what should you do?

It is not possible to focus on everything. But some mistakes can change the meaning of a sentence. To avoid such a mistake, focus especially on these things.

1. Tense
2. Subject-Verb Agreement
3. Structure
4. Wording
5. Punctuation
6. Parts of speech
7. Pronoun
8. Verbs

One last thing, which one should you prefer – Active voice or Passive voice? The answer is of course active voice. Active voice is simple and people from any part of the world can understand it. Not everyone’s English skill is good. This is why the active voice is encouraged to use as much as possible.

The main idea of this article is – though the correctness of language may not hamper your ranking to a great extent, still it is wise to focus on some grammatical issues.