[ High traffic but no sales in Shopify Solved. How to Turn traffic into sales. ]

You have a website, and you want to sell your products online through your website. You have done so many things from the very beginning that have given the right amount of traffic. But surprisingly you notice that despite having the right traffic, you are not getting enough sales. Is that the problem? Ok… now, I am going to dive into this issue. First, I will talk about the reasons, and then I will provide you the solutions I figured out in my experience.

The following is a list of reasons for not getting enough sales after ensuring proper traffic.

Why High traffic but no sales in Shopify:

Wrong Keywords:

You may get a good amount of traffic. But it doesn’t matter until or unless you get quality traffic. If you don’t use the right keywords that actually drive sales, you can’t get enough quality traffic. If you don’t get it, you can’t build a quality community.

Complex Human Behavior:

Just ask yourself a question. What do you search on google mostly? When do you search? You mostly look for information, right? How many times did you search to buy something online? The answer is very simple. People come to google mostly to learn about something. This is why the average conversion rate is 10%. It means only 10 out of 100 visitors on the website usually buy something. It happens because of two things. One is customer involvement, and the other is buying intention. Some people are willing to buy, but they research a lot. It is called customer involvement. The lower the customer involvement is the higher the conversion rate is. When does a customer research a lot? He researches a lot when he doesn’t know about a product, or when he is not sure that he will get all kinds of information from you, or when he is not sure about the outcome, or when he has to pay a lot of money to purchase the product.
In fact, some other particular issues concern customers greatly and influence their behavior like product differences, pricing, and content strategies.

Product differences:

When there are a lot of companies providing the same product and people know that there are no differences between the brands, most of the people will just go and buy. There can be many other reasons. But these are the most common reasons that I found.
Wrong Pricing: When customers know that there are no actual product differences, and if you keep the price higher than others, you will lose money. They will not buy from you. Customers always think about how much price they have to pay. Even the shipping charges can make a big difference here as well. They don’t care about the price tag. Imagine, you are buying a product at $14. If the shipping price is $10, they will have to pay $24 for that product. This may discourage them from buying it online. They will move to superstores because there will not be any shipping charges.

Lack of Right Content Strategies:

There are three types of content. They are Trust Builder, Informative, and Sales Oriented. Trust Builder articles show that your company is real. Informative articles build community. Sales Oriented articles contain only features and benefits. People come to these articles to buy.
These are the issues you need to think of if you don’t have enough sales despite having enough traffic. There can be many other issues. But these are the most common issues that I found.

Now, what could you do to tackle them? The following discussion will focus on it:

How to Turn traffic into sales:

Set the Right Keywords:

Go to Google AdWords. Look at the top of page bid (low range). If you see that people are bidding for higher prices, you can think that these are the high-value keywords. These keywords bring sales.
You can have a look at the following figure where you can see the 6th keyword in the first column, life insurance, is getting the highest low range in top of page bid. This keyword will definitely bring more sales than other keywords on the list.

Try to minimize the cost of the customer:

A bundle offer is the best way to minimize the cost of customers. It also generates a good amount of revenue. When people purchase goods with a certain amount of money, give them free shipping. Survey the price of the product. If your product has a higher price, make sure it has some added value than the low priced goods.

Maintain long-term relationship:

The main reason people don’t buy from your website despite having the need is that they go to other websites. This happens when they don’t have trust in you. They are not sure that you are giving authentic information, or you are answering their queries honestly. To solve this issue, you must maintain a relationship with them. Once you gain their trust, you can increase the conversion rate.


In conclusion, you need to understand why a good amount of traffic doesn’t ensure enough sales. Then it will be easy to take steps accordingly. This article outlined these things in a brief manner. I hope this information will bring you the success you are looking for.