[How to sell digital marketing services. Get your first client. Pitch clients for digital marketing.]

Learn how to convince clients to buy your Digital Marketing Services. If you have a digital marketing agency, Let me ask you one thing:

“What makes you think that a company will be interested to hire you?”

This is the most fundamental question you should answer in terms of your business strategy. You might have so many answers, and we might discuss them for hours. But here I am telling you only one way to persuade the client to hire you. I am not giving you 10 ways or 15 ways, because I don’t want to overwhelm you with so many things to do. Rather I am offering you just one way not to trouble you finding which ways are perfect which ways are not.

In my experience, I didn’t see the agency I worked for use multiple ways, but I saw they just adopt one way. In this article, I am sharing with you that way – a step by step process. And I hope if you follow these steps, you will definitely convince your potential client to be a real client.

Step 1: Find the companies really need you

All companies do not need to invest in digital marketing. That being said, digital marketing is not for everyone, but some companies definitely need though they are not aware of that. On the other hand, I have seen so many digital marketing companies knock at the door of every company they see. That is not an effective strategy.

In this scenario, you have to know who needs your support. Find out which company is losing an opportunity for larger sales because they are not promoting their products online. Try to find out which company is doing the promotional work in the wrong way and which company is too large to maintain their digital promotion.

Step 2:  Convincing them that they have potential customer online;

When you find the right company, your job is to communicate with them in a positive way. You have to convince your clients that they have potential customers on internet. If you fail to do that it is almost impossible to make them your clients.

Your clients want results. Now the question is what kinds of results they are actually looking for. From your end, you also have to have a clear idea about the valuable results for your clients. Some may consider that branding is important. But to some, sales are important. Others may find building a strong relationship or community engagement is important.

For example: Backlinks. Investing in paid backlinks isn’t always a good idea for E-commerce. Despite a few advantages, there are many disadvantages of using backlinks. Even in many cases, it doesn’t ensure the traffic potential. If you consider them all together, backlinks can bring some devastating effects on your site. Instead look for paid promotion on social media. Make your page popular. That link may increase ranking.

One thing is definitely obvious. You need to understand your clients’ priority as I’ve just said. Whatever the priority is, you must relate it to your digital marketing strategy, and your job is to persuade your clients on that strategy so that they can trust you and rely on you. You need to make sure that they understand the potential of digital marketing – only digital marketing is the tool that can fulfill their purpose. If you approach your clients appropriately they will definitely understand that their prospective customers are online. Then the consequence is – the clients will be convinced, and their sales will be increased through digital marketing.

Step 3: Approach your client in the right way

First, you have already targeted the companies that need you for increasing their sales through digital marketing. Then in the second step, you make them understand that only digital marketing has the potential to increase their sales thoroughly. Now your job is to go ahead and win the battle.

Remember, don’t write a proposal. Instead, write suggestions. Break them down in detail.

  • What are their mistakes?
  • What kinds of opportunities are they missing?
  • What should they do?

These are just samples. Use your head and write suggestions accordingly. Then tell them what you can offer. Don’t forget to mention the capacities that enable you to solve their problems and to bring the optimum results they desire. Make them greedy. Remember if there is no greed, there is no sale.

The expectation of most of the company is that they want to work with an agency that will work as their own team. They want to reach you 24 hours. Most of the time, they want a single company to handle all activities of digital media. So keep these points in your mind when you are writing to the company. The company will trust you only when you can tell their problems better than themselves. Just start with, “Hi, I analyzed your business and I discovered that you are running your business in a less effective way. Here is what you are doing probably wrong. I have come up with some alternative solutions for you to consider…….”

These are the steps you can follow to succeed in the digital marketing business. I’m not claiming that these will give you 100% success. But it is very much likely that you will get your expected outcome if you go through these steps precisely.