Customers say I will get back to you or I will tell you later or I will reply you later. How many times did you hear it? What happens then? You never ever hear from them again. It means they are leaving. Hi there. Today I am going to tell you what to say when your clients say, “I will get back to you.”

Why Do Clients Say I will Tell You Later?

“I will get back to you” is a typical response of clients when they are actually not going to consider your product or services right now. This is an indirect denial. Even if they are willing to hire you, the deal is going to be delayed. Delay kills deals. What doesn’t happen today, there is an 80% chance that it will not happen tomorrow.

Find Out “What Is The Reason”?

First of all, you need to figure out the reasons for your clients’ denial or unwillingness to accept the offer instantly, I mean why they are delaying. What you are going to say in the next 30 seconds after their response will depend on these reasons. In fact, there are multiple reasons. The most common is that they don’t trust you. They may be nice to you but they are avoiding you gently. Another thing is that money. They don’t see the return on investment high. This is why you can’t sell them your services. Another common reason is urgency. They may need your service in the near future but may not need it right now. The easiest way to know the reason is just to ask them the right question.

What Should You Ask?

“Mr. X, I have been working for a long time in this industry. I usually don’t hear from people when they say I will get back to you. What would it take us to reach the deal today?” They may say, “We need to check your info more” which indicates they don’t trust you. They may say, “We really don’t need it now” which means there is a lack of urgency from their side. They also might say, “We need to evaluate whether this will be profitable for us or not”, a clear indication that they are not sure about the return on investment. Ask the right Question. This is a simple way to learn the truth. If you don’t know the truth, you can never ever reach the deal. You need to understand their concern.

What Should You Say?

Lack Of Trust:

If they don’t trust you, you can never sell to them. It is not about proving whether your proposal is legit or a scam. It is about your ability. If that is the case, you might have not proven your ability. You didn’t show your track record. You couldn’t show them that you can give them the best Return on Investment. You couldn’t show your strategy well. They didn’t trust the statistics you are giving. You’ve already killed their willingness or interest in you. Now, you have nothing to say. Because you messed everything up in the beginning. To avoid such a situation, be proactive, not reactive. Don’t let anything mess up. Talk in the language they understand.

Lack Of Urgency:

Sometimes they may trust you. But they are not in urgent need. You need to offer them something so that they buy fast. You can say, “Ok, MR. X, I understand that you want to think a bit. But if we reach a deal now, we can give you a special discount. You can reach us at any time. But this offer is only for today. You will get a 10% discount for any service for the first 12 months.  But after today, you may not get it.”

Doubt About The Return On Investment:

You can say, “Mr. X, I understand your concern. You want to know whether this deal will be good for you in terms of profit or return. Well, Mr. X, we take great care of our clients. You can work with us as if we are part of the same company. You can reach us anytime. Before thinking about the profit, think about customer satisfaction. We are good at this work. We can bring the best result most efficiently. You may not get that level of efficiency from your employee.

Your employee may know Paid Promotion. But we can say that we know the best about consumer buying behavior. We can maximize the conversion. You can get your expected results after 3 months from an employee. But you can get the result within one month from us.

If you think about your investment, you need 4 to 5 employees to maintain a digital marketing team. Your cost will be lower if we work with you. So from both economic and non-economic perspectives, working with us is a good option for you. And if we reach the deal now, you will get a 10% discount for any service for the first 12 months.”


These are the strategies or techniques you may follow to involve your clients in your deal. First, know the reason for their denial or delay, and then talk to them accordingly keeping in mind the above strategies. Trust me, your success rate will dramatically rise.