Websites use Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to create web pages. And H1 is a heading tag of HTML, which is considered the most important tag. Many people think that using more than one H1 tag is harmful to their websites. This article is going to discuss this issue.

Even though the answer is no, you shouldn’t use the H1 tag more than 2 times. I would recommend you use it only one time. When I said that the answer is no, this means it was said by the most prominent Google Employee Matt Cutts. And when I said you shouldn’t use it more than two times, I meant it is a serious problem.

SEO H1 tags Best Practices:

  1. Be simple
  2. Don’t cross the 60 character
  3. Use only one language
  4. Use Keywords
  5. Make it Meaningful
  6. Stick to One Topic

These tags help readers understand the content. It is related to the reader’s experience. It is one of the strongest things that affect Search Ranking.

How Many Times Can We Use H1 Tag in One Page?

So we can say that using the H1 tag multiple times is harmful to SEO. Many SEO Guru may tell that using the H1 tag multiple times isn’t bad for SEO, but I personally was rejected by google AdSense because of using these tags as my sweat will. In that Email, they said that my contents aren’t well optimized for readers because of ill-optimized Tags, font size, spaces, etc.

Do you understand how serious is it? If Google thinks my website is not easy for people to understand why they would rank my articles while they have better alternatives. They are not bound to rank me up and here is another thing. Matt said that in 2009. It is 2020 now. Things have changed a lot. So I would recommend using only one H1 Tag.