Keyword density is a very basic concept of search engine optimization (SEO). It’s essential to understand how keyword density works. Because it has a direct impact on the visibility of your site content in search engine results pages (SERPs). As a consequence, it has also an impact on the costs of your online marketing campaigns.

Keyword Density Meaning:

Ok, let me tell you what Keyword Density is –

Keyword density refers to the frequency of a target keyword used on a webpage. It is generally expressed in a figure like a percentage or a ratio, and this figure shows how many times the target keyword appears relative to the total number of words on the page. It is one of many criteria search engines can use to determine whether or not the content of the page is relevant to a specific keyword.

Ideal Keyword Density for SEO:

Let me share my experience with you on how I determined the ideal keyword density for my page. On my second website, I ranked about 8 of my 26 articles on the 1st page within 6 months. 4 of them were in 1st place 1st position. Only one of them had a keyword density of 1.5%. Others were much below. The article that had 1.5% keyword density is from the lowest. On the other hand, the article in which I used the focus keyword only for 4 times was fighting with even Wikipedia. For some keywords, my article ranked even above Wikipedia and for some, it ranked right after Wikipedia.

I used keywords smartly. It is not how many times you place the keyword. It is about where and how you place the keyword. You just need to focus on placing all of the focus keywords on 1st 100 characters smartly and gently. And another thing, never use white color fonts to hide the keywords that may look gross.


You have to understand that Google will evaluate your content in terms of keyword density. Don’t let Google think that you’re stuffing your text with keywords unnecessarily. Instead of measuring keyword density, think about the usage of keyword: how it relates to the context of the content. You might consider some keyword optimization strategies like keyword prominence, keyword proximity, and co-occurring keywords in a document.  So, the bottom line is how you are utilizing keyword is more important than how many times you are using it.