Sometimes people want to sell their products online, though their websites are not e-commerce websites. In that case, they need to adopt different strategies that are particularly applicable to them unlike e-commerce websites.

This article is going to focus on those strategies that surround different issues like keywords, needs, trust, urgency, involvement, and so on. If you want to sell products from your website which is not an e-commerce website, you will be benefited from the following strategies.

E-commerce websites are particularly launched for selling and purchasing goods online. E-commerce sales are driven by multiple factors, but that is not the issue today. This article is not for e-commerce websites. Because for e-commerce websites you need more.

What Drives Sales? 


It’s very important to understand which keyword brings what kind of traffic. Some people are looking for information. Some people want to buy products. Whatever keywords you will set are for buyers. There are three types of keywords:

  1.     Sales driven keywords,
  2.     Informational keywords, and
  3.     Company keywords.

 Sales driven keywords: They are very hard to rank, and the sellers use Search Engine Marketing to drive traffic. These are the keywords people use to find products to purchase.

Informational keywords: People often think that 10% of people will buy their products online. The reality is – the people search using informational keywords will not definitely buy. For example: ‘Best Examples in 2020’. Whoever will search using this keyword wants to know about examples. They won’t buy right now. They will browse other websites for more information. Though they will not buy from your website you will get most of the traffic from these keywords.

This is why, sometimes despite having a huge amount of traffic, we don’t get sufficient and expected conversion. In this case, what we need to do is to build a quality community. Here, we need to keep in mind that without quality information, the community doesn’t exist. So, you need blogs to help your community grow. Once they are connected with you, you can eventually start selling.

Company Keywords: This is the name of the company. There is nothing much to do about it.


Write about their problems on your website. Explain them well. Make them understand that these are really big problems. Now, give them solutions. Remember, no pain No sales. Let them feel the pain, and they may buy from you. Let them be curious enough about your solutions. They will have trust in you, and they will eventually buy from you.


The customers don’t trust themselves. They don’t believe that what worked for others will also work for them. It is the main reason why they don’t the products. If you want to make some sales, you need to make your customers confident that they can do it with your solutions.


If they have no urgency, there will not be any sales. They will think, “Ok, I will buy it later”, and they actually never buy. They forget it. You need to make sure that they need it now, otherwise, they will lose something.


Customer involvement means how much research the customer needs to do before the purchase. High involvement means the information you have given is not sufficient enough. The result is they will browse other websites, and eventually, they will buy from any one of them. So, try to keep the involvement as low as possible.

How To Increase Organic Traffic Conversion Rate?

First, understand your customer and their buying behavior. Understand what they really need. Then bring customers from the right channel. Use the right keywords for getting profitable visitors from Google. Make their problems visible in their eyes. Create a scenario that will do that. Express their problems better than the customer could. It is a great way to build awareness and gain attention.

Once they understand the needs, they will be interested in your solution. Just prove that your product is the best solution for them. Reduce the level of involvement. The easier you make the situation for them, the lower the involvement will be. High involvement kills sales. Your competitors will utilize your hard work and increase their sales. You raised awareness. You created needs. But if you can’t reduce the involvement, the potential customers will study more, and eventually, they will buy from another website.

Your impression is also a key factor in involvement. If your customers have confidence in you that you always provide accurate information, they will study less and buy more from your website. This impression is built on long-term relationships. Now, create urgency. It can be an offer or a discount or anything. Tell them why they need it now.

All of the above strategies are tested and proven. If someone follows them altogether, he or she will get a magical outcome. The sales will dramatically rise.