Is content the king? How to analyze competition? How to use Allintitle in the right way? We know that content is the king in SEO. To get maximum customers to read your engaging content, they must find it first. Some people prefer that the volume of content is also an important factor in this regard. This article is going to focus on this issue. Let me first share my personal experience with you which I believe helps you understand this well.

I wrote my first website with a lot of enthusiasm. But it was a sheer failure. I was fooled into thinking that the volume of information I put there will bring me success. In fact, I wrote a 5000-word article with lots of great information. I was frustrated. I had to shut the website down in 365 days. I went crazy – it brought only 30 visitors from Google. I was wondering what I was missing. I did all the things I knew to make it a success. I brought huge traffic from social media. I created backlinks, did blackhat SEO, and wrote some great content. But those articles didn’t rank that much.

However, I have turned my second website into a success. So what are the mysteries? Here I want to share with you the tactics I adopted to succeed in my second website project.

One thing is very important to know at this point which I already started with this article. And that is the volume of content. Many people are confused regarding the number of words or the coverage like the volume of information. To put it simply, the question is – is more content better for SEO?

Unfortunately, the answer to this short question isn’t that straightforward. The issue isn’t about how many relevant articles you write; it is about which articles you write. There are some keywords that don’t have any value whatever you write. One of them is “example”. So it will not be a good idea if you write “Best Tools Example”. It will not rank then. Because people who are searching for the best tools examples, their desired subject matter is actually the list of best tools. You might put your logic here that the keyword SEO difficulty is very low. Still, it doesn’t ensure that you are going to beat your competitors with these keywords.

So, how can you select the appropriate content for writing?

  1. Understanding people’s motivation: As a content writer, people’s demand should be at the center of your priority. Always try to understand what motivates people to search using a particular term. For example, you have written an article “top 100 SEO tools”. This means people who will search using this term are looking for the most useful SEO tools. This is why I say that Allintitle is nearly dead. But it is still useful if you can use it in the right way. I will write about it in the next point.
  2. Using Allintitle in the right way: Definitely, Allintitle is very important in SEO. But Allintitle will not work if you use it in the wrong way. For example: If you search Allintitle: “Direct Finance”, you will find around 123,000 results. But when you search Allintitle: “Direct Finance Example”, you will find around 63 results. By comparing these two examples, if you think that you can rank high with “Direct Finance Example”, you will definitely be wrong. The reason is people who are looking for Examples they actually want to know about direct finance. But “Direct vs Indirect Finance” gives you totally a different picture. Its Allintitle Search Result is only around 70 and its all relevant keywords search result is not more than 100. In this way, it is easier for you to know the real competition using Allintitle.
  3. Understanding the true strength of the website: You need to understand the strength of your competitors’ website. There are many tools that can help you in this regard. You can do those works manually. At the same time, you can use tools that will definitely save your time. However, if you don’t want to use any kind of tools, here’s a strategy for you. Just go to the website and look at all the articles. Short-list their long-tail keywords and utilize them in incognito mode. Search using all of their keywords. If the same website rises for those keywords, this is a very strong website. This is the simplest method. I used it when I was building my second website. But the problem is – it kills a lot of time. If you use tools it will be much easier for you to analyze your competitors’ website. Just look for the low SEO difficulty keywords and find all of their synonym long-tail keywords. Then use Allintitle for those shortlisted keywords in the right way I mentioned.


This article attempted to help you out to solve the puzzle regarding the volume of content. It outlines three strategies to figure out the problem in a better way. Hope you find it useful.