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Are you wondering whether it is a good idea to use SEO keywords in URLs for ranking? In this article you will learn how you can write SEO friendly Titles.

Google SEO Keywords in URLs – Does It Help?

URLs are a minor ranking factor in SEO. I saw many article ranked on the 1st page without containing keywords. Their competitors contained keywords in their URLs. Having keywords in domain name is useless.

But it is important to know that there are some very basic things you shouldn’t ignore. There are some elements that you shouldn’t put on the URL. They can even ruin your website.

SEO Friendly URLs Structure:

The only thing you should consider is that keeping the URL long is bad for SEO. I say this from my personal experience. Long URLs typically take a long time to index. But you should keep all of the words in the URL short-letter. Don’t use numbers or special characters in the URL. The last thing is – keep the words of URL to 4 at most.

SEO Friendly Structure of URLs with Examples:

Always use hyphens among URLs. And always use small letters everywhere. Imagine you have a restaurant in London. You have a website for the restaurant. You created a page that includes the price of your product. You can write the URL as restaurant.com/food-price

SEO Unfriendly URLs Structures:

Imagine you have a retail store in London. You have a website for the store. You created a page where you placed the product list and the price of the products. You should avoid using such URL:

Capital Letter: retailstore.com/products-List
Number: retailstore.com/Product4youlist
Special Character: retailstore.com/product#$list
Space without Hyphen: retailstore.com/product_list
Only Number: retailstore.com/9182
Starts With Hyphen: retailstore.com/-product-list
Date Free | Even Though It Doesn’t Down-Rank but May Hurt Click Through Rate: retailstore.com/3/2020/product-list

I hope you now understand what you should avoid in URLs writing and how you should write the URL.