A purchased domain’s history impacts its trust in Google. Whether search engines may show that domain on the search results or not depends to a large extent on its previous history. For example, xyz.com was used by some hackers to steal users’ sensitive data. It was exposed later. The domain name expired one year later. A new innocent guy bought the domain name. Because of the previous bad history, no search engine will bring the website on the search results.

This type of incident happens very frequently. I heard that many people experienced such type of problems. Fortunately, I never faced such a disastrous situation.


Now, what is the solution to this type of problem? I can give you a simple solution to this. You can browse https://archive.org/

You will find many links to this website. If you are lucky enough to get into any of the links, click the home page.  Search for the URL you are going to buy. You can find the history of the domain name. What was the website about? You then go to the sitemap and click on the link you wish. You will see the entire website. You can visit every page. If you follow this strategy, you may decide whether you should buy the domain or not. Because even though the domain name may expire, it doesn’t expire from the search engine server. If the website was created for spammy purposes, you shouldn’t purchase the domain name.

This article tried to help you out to decide on purchasing a domain by analyzing its past history. Hope you find it useful.