People are constantly trying to figure out how Google ranks an article. In other words, they are trying to understand Google’s psychology. The fun part is Google always prioritizes people’s psychology. This article is going to discuss this equation in terms of the implications of strong tag and bold tag in SEO ranking.

Both Strong Tags and Bold tags are equally treated in SEO in general. Google understands how people see a piece of article and consider how reader-friendly it is. If you bold the entire article with Strong Tags and Bold Tags, it is not going to be a reader-friendly article. At that time, Google is not going to consider them different from non-bold sentences. But if you focus on the strong tag rather than the bold tag, the coders may think that “Oh I want to give special emphasis to that word. That word is important.” Sorry. Google doesn’t think that way either.

The organization of an article is a key SEO factor. It ensures that the reader is satisfied with the article. It will make people think that Google is the right place for queries as they bring the best results that I need. When people return with a positive impression, people will return to Google again and again.

So it is important to think about how people think before thinking about how Google thinks. It is the right way to judge the quality of the content. Make the website simple to navigate. And don’t overthink about magical tags. Magical tags don’t help you rank. Make the articles as user-friendly as possible. How the people see it matters, not the code you use.