[ Why Agencies Lose Clients – Problems in Digital Marketing. Types of Customers. Buying Behavior. ]

I worked in a Digital Marketing Agency. One of our clients was an eCommerce brand. They invested a lot of money for Paid Advertisement but couldn’t bring enough sales. They blamed us. They told us that it was our fault that they can’t make enough sales. We were nearly losing the client. I am writing today what we did to change the scenario and how we helped our client to become successful.

Problems in Digital Marketing: Number One Problem That The Agencies Face;

They get their first client. After three months, they lose their client. Why that happens? It because they can’t reach the expected result. Most of the time the clients sales are not increased as expected from Online or the sales drops gradually and that is not the fault of the agency. You will learn how you can solve the issue.

Number One Reason: Why Agencies Lose Clients?

Ignoring customer buying behavior is the number one reason for losing client. If you don’t understand the buying behavior of the customer of client, you can’t segment the customers properly. You can’t sell to everyone. You need to segment your potential customers based on buying behavior.

What we did wrong is we were targeting everyone. There are five types of customers based on buying behavior. You need different strategies for different types of customers. Ignoring the customers’ buying behavior was what nearly made us lose our clients. In this article, you will learn the types of customers based on the buying behavior and how you can deal with them.

Types of Customers:

Let’s look at the types of customers first. As I said earlier, there are 5 types of customers – especially for marketers in my point of view. Customers may find it offensive but you need to categorize them into five classes for your business strategies:

  1. The Luxurious
  2. The Intelligent
  3. The Difficult
  4. The Misers
  5. The Frustrated

The Luxurious:

They buy because of emotion. They don’t consider trust or price. If you can use their emotion, you can just demand your price. They are ready to pay you.

The Intelligent:

They buy based on logic, emotion, and positive impressions. They balance logic and emotion. They will buy but based on values and interests.

The Difficult:

They don’t really buy and if they buy they will make your life hell. It is quite difficult to satisfy them.

The Misers:

They always look for cheap products. They always look for discounts. They may wait the entire season just for the discount. So never ever give a discount at the beginning of the season.

The Frustrated:

You can never satisfy them. You should do your best to ignore them. They are always negative.

Understanding your customers is important. Because you are going to decide which customer to lose and which customer to accept. Sometimes ignoring a customer can bring you success.

Now, How Did We Succeed?

Our client was a Fashion brand. They have multiple seasons in a year. They offered a discount at the beginning of the season to get some initial quick sale. But this encouraged all types of customers. Unfortunately, there were many complaints about the product. One thing is very important to remember here – profitable customers are the Luxurious and the Intelligent. You need to consider their complaints seriously. But when you give discounts, all five types of customers flock to your website and you get some complaints which don’t exist. These types of complaints usually come from the difficult and the frustrated ones. You can hardly make them satisfied. This is why you can’t take care of the real complaints sometimes. This will discourage your profitable customers from buying your products again. This is why you can’t generate sales even though spending lots of money on online advertisements.

We suggested our clients give discounts at the right time. This helped us take care of our clients’ customers which improved the customer experience, and the returning sales were getting better.

We were just a promoter but now we work as a team with our clients. We give necessary suggestions which make them successful. We identified how to find profitable customers.

Our clients created content for just two good customers. The profit margin from them was very good. When the time for uploading new products came they offered their product at a discounted price. This enabled our client to take great care of their quality customers and also sell their products to the low-quality customers at a low-profit margin.

All these things were possible because of differentiating customers based on buying behaviors. So you now understand how important it is to differentiate your customers.