[What is Backlink? How important are backlinks for SEO? Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?]

A website’s position in the search engine results page (SERP) is nearly the most important issue for the website. It’s called rankings in SEO. It determines whether or not the website will be visible to visitors quickly and easily.

There are various ranking factors that influence whether or not a website appears higher on the SERP. The quality of backlinks pointing to the page is one of those factors.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks are any kinds of external links. There are two types of Backlink. They are Inbound Link and Outbound Links. Inbound links are not harmful. When people say that I need backlinks it means inbound links. Inbound links mean the links of your website which other websites allows to add in their content with dofollow URL. Google will not crush your website for this type of Backlink. However, be careful with the backlink you are allowing in your website (Outbound Link). If you allow low profile, spammy websites URL in your website with either dofollow or nofollow URL, google will not spare you. The spammers will not be able to get into your article. And be careful with your comment box. Always enable the moderate option. You should be the one who can control the website, not others.

Now the question is – how important are backlinks for SEO?

As I said earlier, backlinks are one of the influential Google ranking factors. Google confirmed that backlinks are one of the top three major ranking factors for websites. But recently we’ve found that the equation is not as simple as that. There are some other issues that influence how backlinks can impact on ranking. One of them is content.

We know that content is king. Google always focuses on finding the best content. What does the best content mean? The best content means when an expert reads the article he will think that I have found everything I need in this content.

Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

Let’s get back to our point – backlinks. Backlinks still have values but not as much as they used to have. Google is constantly doing everything to make sure that they find the right content for the visitors. If Google finds that you are adapting unethical backlink strategies, Google will penalize you. Yes, about some giants, it can be an exception. But not everyone has the resources to cope up with it.

Backlink sometimes helps us to find out the reputation of the website. Backlink with a highly resourceful, relevant, popular, and authoritative website is good for your website. When it comes to social media, the author who shares the content matters for the value of the link. If he is a very prominent person, it is a positive signal. It is an indicator that your website has something for which the other websites trust you.

But people don’t really look for the reputation always. They are looking for information. Google is getting updated regularly the sole target of which is to understand the quality of the content. So over time, backlinks will lose its importance but it still has a long life to go.